"Ultra Mall" mini print
"Ultra Mall" mini print

"Ultra Mall" mini print

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Ultra Mall was inspired by those dreams of giant malls that go on forever.

[UPDATE: I made this before I knew AI image generators were built off stolen art 😰 this is the first & last artwork I'll be creating with AI until an ethical tool is made]

I wanted to make something uncanny and disorienting, so I "collaborated" with an AI! I photobashed a bunch of AI-generated images together, then spent 100+ hours drawing on top of it (I may have gone a bit overboard.) The result is like a fever dream—each thing bleeds into the next, but the whole doesn't resolve into anything that feels quite right.

Ultra Mall is packed with lil sci-fi-fantasy characters and scenes to explore. Stay a while and have a look around, but be careful you don't get lost!

This high quality 4" x 6" print uses a heavy-weight paper.